James Allen Rolls Jr. is a content creator and video editor known for his YouTube channel; TheJamesRolls, on which he produces Let's Play styled content among other series.

About JamesEdit

James was born on November 23rd, 1992 in Newton, New Jersey to James Rolls Sr. and Linda Rolls (née Geier). James has a younger sister named Jennifer who was born in 1995. James lived in Pennsylvania until he was 12 before moving to Florida to be closer to family, where he still resides today. James has 3 dogs and 5 cats to keep him company.

Ongoing SeriesEdit

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  • James once uploaded episodes of the Pokémon Black & White English dub to his channel, which used to be solely focused on Pokémon games and information. Before that, James reviewed professional wrestling shows on his channel.
  • James has a number of other channels including the following: a bonus channel for bloopers of his Let's Plays, a vlog channel where he once filmed his life every day for 2 years. He's also a member of 2 collaborative channels: G.A.M.E and ThreeGamingCousins. James used to run a Minecraft focused channel as well.

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